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Since 1989, North Shore Engineering, Inc. has offered only the highest quality solutions and excellent customer service to those in Southeastern Wisconsin. We offer a range of civil engineering services and land surveying services for residential or commercial clients. A land surveyor is critical to any construction process. As a smaller land surveying and civil engineering company, we have the ability to focus on delivering personalized service and building relationships with our clients.

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Land Surveying

We provide a wide variety of professional survey work at North Shore Engineering, Inc. Our experienced field crews can complete your survey needs, whether large or small, by using the latest advanced electronic measuring equipment and techniques. We also use robotic total stations, data collections and real-time Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to deliver the most accurate and precise land survey work.

Boundary Survey

To determine property lines and define property corners, we work with an existing recorded legal description. We can locate, measure, or reset parcel corners and this allows us to indicate building location and occupational fencing.


An American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey is done in accordance with the standards set by the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). It is a comprehensive product that allows for a detailed view of a property including easements, improvements, utilities, and more.

Topographic Survey

Topographic land surveys show the height, depth, size, and location of any man-made or natural features on a given parcel of land. Boundary surveys focus on horizontal measurements, topographic surveys are about elevation.

Flood Elevation Certificates

Flood Elevation Certifications are documentation or delineation of an area susceptible to flooding during periods of extensive rainfall. They can determine if your home is in a high-risk flood zone and determine flood insurance premiums.

Recertification Survey

After the initial survey, the Recertification surveys will follow concurrently to show the facility has maintained compliance for the provision of care. The Recertification survey will only look at data back to the prior Initial, Recertification, or FLS survey. Usually, it is a requirement from the bank or lending institution.


Platting is an important step of the land development process. By utilizing the latest versions of surveying and engineering software, our registered land surveyors and in house engineers work together to fulfill our client’s needs in any type of development including:

  • Subdivision Plats
  • Condominium Plats
  • Cemetery Plats
  • Certified Survey Maps

Construction Surveying

Our team at North Shore Engineering, Inc. works together with owners, architects, contractors, or engineers. We provide efficient, high-quality services when conducting surveys using robotic total stations with data collectors or Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Our construction surveying includes the following services:

Proposed Construction

When proposing construction, we will first compute location. From there, we must determine elevation and stake the proposed elements.

Volume Computation Survey

Volume Computation Surveys are conducted before and after topographies in order to determine the volumes of materials removed and/or placed.

As-Built Survey

An As-Built survey is of an existing site infrastructure and improvements to obtain dimensional and vertical data. It is conducted so that constructed improvements may be located and delineated.


North Shore Engineering Inc. provides both the public and private sectors with quality engineering and design services. Our extensive background in civil engineering gives our design team the expertise to guide clients through all the associated tasks necessary to complete their project. Engineering services provided include:


We work with the local government to maintain, upgrade, or provide new infrastructure, such as streets and public utilities to include sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water main. We also provide engineering review, PASER evaluation of streets, sanitary and storm sewer rehabilitation expertise, construction inspection of public works construction projects, and infiltration evaluations.

Site Planning

We design residential, commercial, and industrial development sites. This entails site grading, erosion control, and private streets and parking lot design as required. The design of private utilities such as water main, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer to serve the subject properties as part of our expertise. With today’s emphasis on environmental solutions, stormwater management, and green infrastructure, site plans are tools we are committed to for our clients.

Local Drainage Issues

There seems to be heavier rain events currently than in past years. Therefore, private property owners and commercial developments are experiencing drainage issues like never before. North Shore Engineering, Inc. has the experience to come alongside, evaluate the situation, and work toward providing a solution in many cases.


Work that North Shore Engineering, Inc. can also provide is the following:

  • WRAPP Permits for the Wisconsin DNR
  • Local permitting for private property projects
  • Easement exhibits & descriptions
  • Right-of-Way acquisition
  • Zoning requests
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Wetland Delineation Services

To protect our environment, wetland delineations are becoming common as part of the process in bringing a project to the construction stage. North Shore Engineering, Inc. provides wetland delineation services for all types and sizes of projects. This gives us the ability to help get projects and others get on track to a successful conclusion.
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Inspection Services

North Shore Engineering, Inc. also provides detailed and concise construction inspections. When overseeing projects, no matter what the size, it is beneficial to do an inspection for quality control purposes. They also give us the ability to anticipate and resolve any potential issues that could arise in the project.

To learn more about our surveying and engineering services visit our FAQ, or contact us at 262-241-9400 today!

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